Consulting Service for the Employees of Vashlovani National Reserve and National Park, Lagodekhi Reserve and Managed Reserve, Tusheti Reserve and National Park, Batsara-Babaneuri Reserve and Ilto Managed Reserve, and the Department of the Protected Territories concerning Wild Life Assessment and Data Analysis

Donor: Agency for Sustainable Project Development/ World Bank
Project Implementation Period: 2006-2007

NACRES won the tender organized by the Agency for Sustainable project development within the frames of the World Bank project and offered a consulting service, i.e. training to the employees of the following four protected territories: Vashlovani National Park, Lagodekhi Reserve, Batsara-Babaneuri State Reserve and Ilto Managed Reserve, and Tusheti National Park.

The topic of these trainings concentrates on biodiversity monitoring, the course of trainings considers fieldwork methods and techniques as well as an assessment and interpretation of the collected materials. The types of trainings are as follows: 1. Non-field theoretical trainings (how to monitor biodiversity); 2. Field trainings.

Theoretical trainings are aimed for the park rangers and for the employees of the Department of the Protected Territories. These trainings will be held in the nearest future.

Currently NACRES organizes field trainings for the park rangers. Trainings were held in the Lagodekhi and Batsara-Babaneuri reserves and on the Peroza area of the Tusheti National Park. Trainings will be held in the Vashlovani National Park.

These trainings are aimed mainly for the field workers, i.e. park rangers. They cover all the necessary aspects dealing with data collection for the biodiversity monitoring.

It is worth mentioning that these trainings appeared very useful for the park rangers. They learned how to develop maps, how to utilize various instruments, how to set photo-traps and etc.

These trainings will certainly promote contemporary methodology-based biodiversity monitoring on the protected territories in the nearest future.

The project also aims to publish a biodiversity monitoring guide-book (in two parts) for park rangers. NACRES has already developed the draft of this guide.

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